Hamilton Making A Case For Best Ever In Formula 1 Racing

lewis hamilton

It is not often that you get to see one of the premier players of all-time in his (or her) chosen sport. In an era of great individual sport athletes – think Tiger Woods, Serena Williams and Roger Federer as perhaps the best ever at their discipline – there is another premier player tearing it up weekend after weekend all over the world.

Allow me to introduce you to Lewis Hamilton, an English Formula 1 driver who is staking a claim to be the best racer of all time at the age of 34.

In 2019, Hamilton claimed his sixth Formula 1 World Crown. That was his fifth title in six years – the only year in that run he missed the championship was in 2016 – and they add to the Formula 1 World Crown title he won in 2008. He has won over 80 races, has claimed over 150 podiums, and sat on pole position close to 100 times. From his very first win at the top level of single-seater racing in Australia in 2007, Hamilton has simply dominated his sport in the way only a premier player can do.

The record in his sport is seven titles. That mark was set by the legendary Michael Schumacher, but it’s a record that Hamilton will be looking to equal and then break over the next few years. It is his remarkable consistency and motivation that sets Hamilton apart from the pack and that has him so close to a record that was expected by many to be untouchable given how dominate Schumacher was in his own era.

Hamilton has this unerring ability to drive right on the edge while rarely going over it. That is a skill that all racers seek to learn, but that only the best are able to pull off during a race. Mental strength is huge when driving Formula 1 cars, with the ability to put minor setbacks behind you immediately. Add in the physical strength and reflexes that are required for a body to react to lightning fast mental decisions at 200 mph and you have an athlete that is a premier player in his sport and who could have been great at whatever sport he chose to take up.

The mindset of an elite sportsman is a fascinating beast. Hamilton is one of those people who wants the challenge just to prove year after year that he is the best. For most of this decade, he has been exactly that.

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