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Eat Last Fund

Eat Last Fund

WHAT IS IT? Eat Last was created to give, to help, and to serve - simple as that. There's no money ever taken from this fund if it's not to help those that need it, or serve people who deserve it.

I'll be honest, there is no set game plan for what will be done with the money put into the fund. That's intentional. I want to be able to use the money in a broad spectrum of things/people that need it. This will include donating to shelters, children's homes, adopting families near the holidays, providing lunch to teachers and whatever other avenues pop up that allow us to serve.

The hope behind Eat Last is to inspire others to serve in the capacity they are able, whether that be in one small gesture or a bigger act of kindness.

WHO'S BEHIND IT? Hey yall . . . I'm Evan Childs. A 28 year old from South Carolina that was transplanted to Tampa, FL, in 2013. With a heart for serving others through any avenue I can, Eat Last was put on my heart to see to fruition. I always knew I wanted to run a simple nonprofit. One where I could give freely, with no limitations or demographics. I would donate to tons of organizations but I never got to see the lives being touched. There's something about being the legs of a nonprofit that fills my cup.

What's my day-to-day job? I'm the owner of an online training business geared to help women become the best versions of themselves mentally and physically. I've been coaching the ALPHA FEMALE program for almost 5 years now and it's a dream come true.

I also own the clothing company - Alpha Forward Lifestyle. It's a clothing line dedicated to being bold with positive messaging. AFL gives away at least 10% of it's profit to Eat Last and will continue to do so.

I'm so excited to see what Eat Last will be able to do, and the lives it could potentially change.

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