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Carnell First Home

Life for our founder, Carnell Moore, began in this three-room home in Mayesville, SC, that was usually surrounded by cotton, peanut, or soybean fields. The home had no in-door plumbing and he shared his bed with three of his 14 siblings. He was raised mostly by a single mom who was pulled out of school after the third grade to work the fields, but she made sure all of her children completed school with many serving in the Armed Forces. Carnell not only served in the US Air Force, but also completed a bachelor and two associate degrees during his enlistment. Upon his Honorable Discharge, he earned a master’s degree in communications with an emphasis in investor relations from the University of Florida.  UF is where he found his love of sports.  Then, the kid who grew up on welfare became a trust officer at one of the Top 10 banks in the country (First Union), went on to become a Top 10 in the country wealth advisor for mortgage business (Merrill Lynch), and then launched the life management company Vital Guidance to help people with more than just their finances.  All these accolades may sound great, but Carnell contributes his success to many people and the vital guidance that started in this little house about helping others.

Who We Are Now

Premier Players, Inc. and The Premier Players Sports Foundation are two companies with one vision:  To become one of the best brands in sports via recognizing talent, giving fans a voice, and serving communities around the world.  Our Premier Player Trophy is quickly becoming the voice of fans as millions of them have voted to determine who receives the award each year.  Our group of volunteers have helped many individual families as well as organizations such as The Children’s Home, PlaySmart, Love Is Ministry, and many other nonprofits via charity dinners and sports tournaments.  As we continue to build, we ask you to join the mission of The Premier Players Sports Foundation which is to provide orphaned, foster, special-needs, and at-risk kids with the proper equipment and the financial resources to join community sports leagues. We know sports is a game-changer for many kids because it teaches teamwork and physical fitness as well as provides the opportunity to build strong relationships.  Volunteer or donate using the Paypal button.  Thanks for your support . . . .

Volunteer Advisors

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Carnell Moore
Vital Guidance: For The Life You Want

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Dr. Jeff Watson
Tampa Sports Academy

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Dr. Albert Kabemba
Bayfront Medical & ANR Clinic

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Vivek Bhaskaran
Questionpro Survey & Research

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Jordan A. Moore
Executive Director

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