Miracle 15

Miracle 15 Fund

Miracle 15 Fund

Adrienne Harris experienced a miracle in 2015. The mother of three children went from a fun evening of teaching her youngest child how to play basketball to being pronounced dead later in the week from a routine surgery gone wrong.

“It was life changing,” says Adrienne who lost both hands and feet. “There are a lot of things right now I can’t do anymore but God has given me a platform to help others move forward in life.”

Adrienne created The Miracle 15 Fund for a number of reasons. She experienced her heart stopping, acoma for days and the ICU for months while her oldest child had to drop out of college to help with home life yet deal with credit and debt issues produced from abruptly leaving college. Therefore, Adrienne created The Miracle 15 Fund to provide scholarships and financial assistance to individuals and families going through medical hardships.

“My old life ended when they pronounced me dead on that hospital table,” says Adrienne who has become a motivational speaker. “Now I have a new way to live and a new meaning for living.”

Adrienne enjoys sharing her story and helping others keep their spirit up. You can schedule her as a guest speaker by calling 813-833-3495. In addition, you can make a tax deductible donation to The Miracle 15 Fund by clicking on the Paypal button below.

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