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Accelerated Neuro Regulation (ANR) is not new, but the world has yet to know its full potential for helping athletes defeat their addictions.

Whereas the Premier Players Sports Foundation focuses on helping orphaned, foster, special needs, and at-risk children participate in sports, the mission of the ANR Fund is to support athletes and sports fans.

“Athletes help millions of people each year by providing elite competition that takes many sports fans away from the pressures of life, but sometimes that come at a cost to the athlete,” says Carnell Moore, founder of the Premier Players Sports Foundation. “Injuries, illnesses and other stresses can lead them to medication addictions. This fund will help athletes – and fans – pay for the ANR Opioid treatment they need to enjoy life on and off the courts and fields.”

Dr. Andre Waismann, who has completed more than 24,000 successful ANR treatments, has been the world leader in the field of reversing opioid dependency since 1994. He established the world’s first treatment center where patients are treated for their dependency with advanced medicine, in modern, general hospitals by qualified medical personnel.

The ANR method has spanned many continents and over 20 countries – from Italy and Switzerland to Australia and Israel, and now to the United States. The staff of the Premier Players Sports Foundation is very excited to partner with ANR to build a fund that will not only help athletes regain their dignity and live a normal life but to also help millions of opioid-dependent fans defeat their addictions.

To learn if you qualify for financial assistance to treat your addiction, please call us at 813-833-3495. The Premier Players Sports Foundation is a 501c(3) nonprofit and tax-deductible donations can be made using the donation button below.

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